Services Include

  • Medical Qigong Energy Healing 
  • 5 Element Intuitive Guidance & I Ching Readings
  • House/Energy Clearing
  • Private Qigong Movement, Meditation & Yoga Sessions
  • Qigong Movement, Meditation & Yoga Group Classes
  • Healing Circle Groups
  • Workshops & Wellness Retreats

Upcoming Events

Qigong Movement Classes

Specific Sundays of each month, Level 1 Qigong (for beginners) from 12:30-1:45pm, and Level 2 Qigong (graduates of Level 1) from 2-3:15pm

Weekly Wednesday Qigong Movement, All Levels from 6-7pm

Registration and Information


Life force exists within and among all beings, and everyone is capable of living a life of full health, joy, and empowerment. From this perspective, healing is available to all, and my role as a qigong teacher and practitioner is to serve as a guide. True healing comes from within, and we are each our own unique healer.

Our deepest desire is to be empowered and expressive. Disease, emotions, and mental conditions are an indication of soul suppression and conditioning. Healing comes from fully knowing and honoring who we are, and in turn, from living a life that is in alignment with that truth. From this space, the spirit-soul connection thrives, and body and mind heal.

Healing is a comprehensive process that requires commitment to a lifestyle that aligns with the flow of the natural way of life. Thus, my practice offers an approach rooted in the teachings of the ancient Chinese/Taoist wisdom tradition of qigong and is designed to address the needs of all aspects of the being.

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