About Qigong

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Qigong (also known as ‘chi gung’) is a Chinese healing art rooted in the ancient Taoist sages’ observations of nature and the natural flow of life. This practice originated around 5000 years ago and its principles form the basis of all Chinese martial and healing arts.

The word ‘qigong’ consists of two parts: ‘chi’ or ‘qi’, meaning life, life force energy, or life essence; and ‘gong’ meaning work, study, or practice.  Thus, literally translated, qigong is the study or practice of the cultivation and mastery of life essence. Ultimately, the purpose of qigong is to nurture and reunite the body, mind, spirit, and soul through the development and harmonization of one’s chi, leading to renewed health, refined consciousness, fullness of expression and empowerment, and a knowing of ourselves and our purpose in life.

Qigong is a holistic system consisting of several integral parts, each one vital in its contribution toward complete health:

  1. Medical Qigong Energy Work: one-on-one medical qigong and lifestyle coaching to support self-healing and empowerment
  2. Self-Healing Practice: inner contemplation along with qigong movement and meditation practices to develop and refine conscious awareness of thoughts and actions and to cultivate the healthy flow of chi
  3. Natural Living: flowing with the natural rhythms of life through study, contemplation, and integration of the teachings of the I Ching and the 5 Elements
  4. Chi Nutrition: eating simply and maximizing the benefits of whole foods to refine and strengthen the structural and functional mechanisms of the body