Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling Appointments for Treatment and Coaching Sessions


Scheduling Appointments

Free initial phone consultations and regular appointments for Treatment and Coaching Sessions should be scheduled at least 1 week in advance by calling 720.530.8948 or emailing


Cancellation Policy/Punctuality

WholeHealth requires at least 24 hours advance notice by telephone call when canceling or rescheduling an appointment to avoid a 100% cancellation charge. Punctuality is also important; fees are not prorated or discounted for late arrival.


Preparing for Your Optimal Qigong Experience

In order to receive optimal benefit from your treatment and learning experience, WholeHealth suggests that you take the following steps in advance of your visit:

    • Be well nourished and hydrated immediately prior to your visit
    • Dress comfortably and wear shoes you can easily remove
    • Allow plenty of time to commute so that you are not overwhelmed by the need to hurry
    • Allow 1.5 hours for your visit and do not schedule any appointments that immediately follow your visit so that your mind is not preoccupied with the matters of the day during your qigong session
    • Come committed and prepared to do your part in your self-healing and journey of growth!


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