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      Medical/Energy Healing Qigong Treatment

Medical qigong treatment occurs when a qualified practitioner emits chi through his or her palms into the client’s physical body. The intention of this process is to clear blocked or stagnant chi from the client’s energetic and physiological systems, while replenishing and balancing healthy chi. Treatment is done at a distance of several inches from the client’s body, and if necessary, treatment can be completed remotely. Because blockages and contamination within the chi system are often the sources of toxins and disease within the physical body, working with chi therapeutically through clinical qigong greatly supports the healing process.

Medical qigong treatment is only one aspect of the healing process. As such, each session includes qigong coaching to pinpoint the client’s specific health needs as well as to provide self-healing, lifestyle, and nutritional support to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to ensure that healing is supported and continued beyond each session.

The goal of medical qigong treatment is for the client’s health to become fully stabilized and vibrant, and for the client to become self-sufficient in his or her health maintenance, so that ultimately only periodic tune-up sessions with the practitioner are needed.

     Qigong Coaching

Each medical qigong session includes time before and after treatment in which the client and practitioner discuss specific needs, practice and learn qigong exercises for self-healing, and align with natural lifestyle and nutritional guidance to support healing in everyday life.

Self-healing Practices

Self-healing practices involve inner contemplation along with qigong movement and meditation that help develop and refine conscious awareness of thoughts and actions, and to cultivate the healthy flow of chi within the physical and energetic body. These easy-to-learn practices are determined and taught by the practitioner to address specific healing needs, and when practiced regularly, boost volume and quality of chi in the system, create a deeper bond in the spirit-soul connection, and train the mind to reduce mental and emotional clutter and stress.

Lifestyle/Natural Living

Simplified living is essential to finding peace, joy, and health. Learning to flow with the natural rhythms of life through study, contemplation, and integration of the teachings of the I Ching and the 5 Constant Virtues, thus, is an active part of qigong coaching.

The I Ching, commonly translated as The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, is an ancient Chinese text that demonstrates living according to the effortless flow of life in the natural world. Its principles are taught and used to provide guidance in supporting healing and personal growth.

The principles of the 5 Constant Virtues, natural laws as observed and taught by the ancient Chinese/Taoist sages, are also used in guiding clients toward effortless flow. These principles align with the 5 Element System of Classical Chinese Medicine, and teach how to maintain balance and harmony within all aspects of life.

Ultimately, when applied consistently and with discipline, these lifestyle practices resolve all struggle and restore peace. Sarah uses her extensive studies of the I Ching and the 5 Constant Virtues as guiding tools within the context of lifestyle coaching.

Chi Nutrition

Chi nutrition is the art of using the healing elements of food and supplementation to support natural health and function. Eating simply and maximizing the benefits of whole foods is a simple yet essential step in refining and strengthening the structural and functional mechanisms of the body. What, how, and when we eat greatly influence the quality and strength of chi and nutrients we receive from our food. When we are aware of nutritional properties such as food combining, sequencing, alkaline eating/living, and using the 5 flavors of food to support our chi’s natural health, our body’s organs and organ functions, specifically that of digestion, metabolism, and immunity, are nourished and put at ease. Supporting our physical and chi functions in this way greatly reduces stress and strain, eliminates toxins, allows for maximum digestibility and metabolism of quality nutrients, and increases the strength and vibrancy of our chi.

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